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Nu-Vita stopped my hair loss and I’ve introduced Nu-Vita to my friends and family members. I’ve been using Nu-Vita for the past 3 years. I’m taking 1 capsule twice a day. Derrick S Surry Hills…….

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James before Nu-Vita

I have been using Nu-Vita for about 5 months. I notice that less hair is falling and I see some hair growth Leng Cabramatta

Hi, My hair has grown stronger with very little hair loss. I have been using Nu-Vita for 2 years now. This is a great product; I still continue using it and recommend it to my friends. Thanks very much for your wonderful product. Best regards, Thomas South Granville

I have used Nu-Vita for some time now and I am glad I have! My hair was thinning with age, now I see hair regrowth and healthier hair and skin. Great product. A little advice, don’t wait and see, start using Nu-Vita early…… DK Adelaide

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James after Nu-Vita

My hair seems to be looking thicker and healthier, thank you. Frank High Wycombe

I am 65 years old and have been using NU-VITA for about 2 years. I did not see any change in my hair growth after about 3 months use, but I concluded that at my age it should take longer, so I just kept on taking Nu-Vita. Finally after about 10 months use, I started to notice my hair getting stronger and thicker and new growth occurring. I now take Nu-Vita once a day as a maintenance dose. E K,WestLakes

I have been using your product for some time and dare not stop. My hairdresser comments that my hair is looking and feeling thicker. I notice that dark brown hairs (my original colour) are growing among the white. MS South Australia.

I have been using NU-VITA for 8 months. I started using it when I was nearly bald because I have lost hair for 20 years. I have used many products but I think Nu-Vita is the best! Now my hair loss is reduced and my scalp is healthier. I will continue to use this product. T Hoang NSW

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Since using Nu-Vita, I have seen a dramatic slow down of hair loss. It has nearly stopped altogether. I would recommend Nu-Vita to anyone who wishes to slow it down. T. G. South Australia

Using Nu-Vita has become part of my daily routine as much as brushing my teeth. This is purely because of the results I have noticed, not only in my hair, but also my skin and nails since I started using it years ago. Whatever’s in these capsules works! Tim Palm Beach

Good quality product! I will continue to use as it helps a lot. Thank you! K Fisher Port Kennedy

I have definitely noticed the changes in my hair growth since I started using the Nu-Vita hair growth capsules. My hair has become thicker and hair loss has diminished. Regards, Harish Solanki -Pharmacist

Hi James, I find your product is really helpful and I do find my hair growing. The hair fall is less, the hair growth is a lot quicker and looks and feels a lot thicker too. I am really pleased with the Nu-Vita capsules. You have made me a very happy person. Thank you, Carmel

Hair Loss in Women
Shiny healthy hair

Hello Nu-Vita Team! My hair has been thinning for quite some time now and I had resigned myself to getting bald, not without trying several tips from various friends, including other hair growth promoting products. One such tip came from a close friend, who suggested a highly concentrated multi-vitamin and mineral formula, which did nothing to stop me from getting a shiny head. Then, one day, I received a visit from an overseas friend, who suggested I try Viviscal. A quick search on the internet revealed Nu-Vita as the Australian replacement for Viviscal, and I ordered enough for a few months supply. Pretty quickly it became clear that this formula works really well. I now have hair where I have been bald for years, it’s amazing. My girlfriend is on it as well, as she suffered from thinning, brittle hair too. She had mind-boggling results with Nu-Vita, her hair since being thick and strong. We will stick with Nu-Vita and like to thank you for your continued service. J B Wynnum Plaza

I have been using Nu-Vita for several years now and I am very satisfied with the results. I have used several different products since my hair loss started and for me Nu-Vita is by far the best. Ha Thanh Nguyen NSW

Have used past 12 months with good results and results are noticeable. Also good for skin and nails! T Hann Campbelltown

I had an injury on my left ankle around 15 months ago and consequently had a surgery and was taking very strong pain killers which resulted in thinning of my hair  My GP actually gave me your contact details and after taking hair tablets my hair has grown back and is healthier.  I still take hair capsules and I would highly recommend these capsules to my friends. Best regards, Rozina

Hair Loss in Women Treated.
Fabulous Healthy Hair

I had androgen type of hair loss; it started in the age of 16. At that time Nu-Vita and the original Finnish product did not exist. I was desperate because a man can look bald but a woman??????!!! Later on, when my hair loss started again, it was a bit of a miracle to discover this product, right at the time when I needed it most. I was suggested to use it first for at least six months (2×1 a day), later on every year a refreshing course for at least 2 months to stop the hair loss, and for 3-4 months or longer to grow new hair (also 2×1 a day). I have been doing that since annually, and I’ve never had the heavy hair loss again. (Once I was not able to get this product when I was overseas, I was suggested to try another one but that one did not help much.) I had to learn that I need to be patient with the hair growth, you need to take this product but you need the time, too. Guys, trust me, this really works! Cheers, Reka

My name is Damian from Warrnambool Victoria, I have only been using the product a short time, and while at the start I was worried about seeing any result quickly, a few co workers were telling me how they believe the product seems to be working, and that my hair looks thicker than before. I will continue to use this product in 2011. Damian

Hi there, I have been using NU-VITA for the last couple of years, I started using it when my hair was thinning. I haven’t grown anymore hair, however I haven’t lost anymore either. It is a good product and I will continue to use it as long as it keep what hair I have. Thanks, Regards Scott Humphris, SA

Hello. I just would like to share my experience with using hair growth capsules. I have been using it for 2 months now and so far I have noticed much less amount of hair falling of my head. Thank you, Marek

I continue to be very happy with the nu-vita capsules… not only is hair loss no longer a problem but also my hair and scalp is the healthiest it has ever been (eg No dandruff or itchyness). Regards

Although thinning rather charmingly, I was not bald. I began freaking out about my extended widows peak while in Europe after a few months of stress and eating poorly. Ordering Nu-Vita online to my then address and giving it a go for 3 solid months the difference was quite substantial. After 1 month the thinning did stop and I noticed less hair dropping out in the shower while shampooing. After about 2 months there was life and colour back in my thinning widows peak and it kept up becoming thicker after the third month – matching the natural curve of my hairline very evenly. That’s all it took. Whatever essential vitamins & minerals Nu-Vita contains, it works.
Kind Regards, Zoltan Vincze

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Have been trying a lotion for hair loss for over 3 months, but not happy with results. Since using your product I can see improvement already. N.G. Southport

I have noticed a difference, my hair loss started 20 years ago, doctors put it down to stress, as I’m fit and healthy. D.P. Rosewater

Hi James,
Thanks you very much, and letting you know that I’m very happy with the product and the results, my hair is definitely stronger after approximately 5 months taking the product. I would like to know if with this new order I will get the 60 capsules package free, that is part of the loyalty program?

Early days – but so good, so far – no side effects. M.H. Queensland

Saw a huge difference in the amount of hair loss after only three and a half weeks. S.W. South Australia

I received everything in the time you promised me and am very impressed with both your product and service. Thank you so much.
Jordan New South Wales

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no more hair loss

Dear James, Thank you for your prompt and efficient service.
Best regards, M Lim   ACT

Hair loss slowing and getting new growth. T.D. Sefton Park

I am very pleased with the results – I started losing my hair approx 2 years ago. I now have a lot of new growth. C.M. MountOsmond

I had excessive hair fall out which seems to be improving. J.H. South Australia

I’m soo happy with the product. Will tell you more about the results in the future. Thanks James very much for the promotion free pack. Enrique Victoria

Can notice hair growth after a month. Hair is looking fuller. E.K. South Australia

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